Dont you have enough likes on your facebook page??

By CTCDC.in | Monday, March 18, 2019

Though there are so many other Social Media Platforms, Facebook is still the KING. In order to get result from social media Facebook must be on the top in your Digital Marketing Strategy Having thousand of like on your face-book page ensures you have fans who will visit and probably read your next article. Setting up a page on facebook is not enough, you need to make a strategy to get more and more engagement on the page. Engagement: Comments on other walls, reply to comments on your post, Create such post which involves your member. Value: Are you providing value? are you education or entertaining while posting on your page? would you want to see what you are posting in yours "News Feed" everyday?if No, sorry boss you are SPAMMING!! Schedule your Post: Provide the value at constant intervals. Post multiple times a day but give some space to the audience Focus on facts that matters: What determines the success of your page, is it the REACH, Page Likes etc or the conversion of the traffic to your websiteDo your ads result in conversion and sales? Sell to your Members: Existing members are the more likely to buy your goods and services, are you focusing non member by posting more, than catering your existing database?? Target you members to get more references. Come and learn More about Digital Tools & Techniques at Workshop on Digital Marketing on 10th Jan & 17th Jan, at Pitampura center, 1100hours Who all are invited : Students/Job Seekers/ Entrepreneurs/ Working Professional

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