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Create Instagram Account For Business

By CTCDC.in | Friday, August 2, 2019

Social Media Marketing


Social media platforms is essential for any business to grow. Choosing the right Social media platform for doing business is essential for business marketing strategy. May it be facebook, whatsapp, Instagram or any other, timely creating professional account on these platforms will help you in many different ways. If you already have created your facebook business page or converted instagram to business account, then you are free to broaden your mind and apart from having Instagram business account, you can look for Instagram Influencer, as they are also essential for Instagram marketing strategy.
And if you don’t have instagram business account and wants to use Instagram for business use, Here, you will get a step by step guide to create instagram account, the benefits of having Instagram account and if creating Instagram business account cost or not. Before we take the first step, you must know that Social media marketing strategy, you are going to use is well laid out or not. You must go where your audience is, you must use that social media platform where your audience is and instagram is the place to bring relevance to your marketing strategy.

For staying relevance to your targeted audience, updated profile posting regularly, using popular hashtags, using required resources is must. Install instagram app from Play Store or app store because you need an app for uploading content.

Set up Instagram Account

After opening instagram app, two choices you will be having- either log in with Facebook or sign up with Email or phone. Sign using your business account, if have one, for not mixing instagram business or personal account. Under Full name, while entering account details write actual business name, for profile recognition to visitors. This is not your username, as unique name to your profile is your Username for giving unique place to your brand and engaging other accounts.
Username must be recognizable and easy to find. If situation arises that your business name is already taken, don’t hustle just try to use different username with your business name in it. Note: update anytime your username on instagram, by going in account settings.

Instagram Account optimization

Right Instagram profile picture impacts new visitors at a good rate and may influence them to become followers in many senses. So for that, the profile picture must be accurate with your branding. You may consider using your brand logo for Instagram profile picture, also leave room around the corner as Instagram profile picture cropped automatically into a circle.
Now with your Instagram bio, you can use a maximum 150 character in Instagram bio, use your creativity in making people understand about you and why they should consider following you. Inform the audience about business, don’t focus on keywords or hashtags as one can’t search bio on Instagram. Though the user can visit your site if you have given clickable URL in your bio for enhancing traffic to an external site.


Click this guide for social media optimization for having more insight about social media platforms and why your business needs it. Edit your photo, name username, bio, and URL anytime in the future, just click edit profile.

Instagram setting management

Click on the bar, on the right side of your Instagram screen for reviewing the account setting, click setting which will be visible down below in window. You will see a few choices under your username. You can change the password, look for posts you liked, enable notifications and much more in your settings. Few things to be checked right away are:

Story Settings,

Manage your Instagram stories, for who can see or reply to stories you upload. It’s better to allow all of your followers to reply and see your Instagram stories for increasing loyalty, brand engagement, for your successful digital branding.


Convert to Instagram business profile

Switching to a business profile will communicate visitors, the profile they visited is business not personal. Tools for Instagram business makes it unchallenging for a user to contact you and supply in-depth insights, with that you can improve your content.
Note: you can connect your Facebook business page to your Instagram business profile


For switching to Instagram business profile, choose the setting marked in the above image, log into facebook and for connecting Facebook with Instagram you must be facebook page admin.
All relevant information from facebook will be imported by Instagram from facebook page for editing. At last you possess an Instagram business profile. Don’t forget to regularly update, checking profile insights and account setting!

Private Account

You are free to change your profile from being public to private. As a business that wants to grow and expand- don’t consider going private. As for building user into conversion, you must make everything visible to visitors for engaging them regularly.



Receiving comments may sound exciting, encouraging brings engagement but sometimes might affect your brand value, for this go to this setting for hiding an inappropriate comment and certain keywords or phrases you want to hide and enable the feature.


Add more Instagram account

You can add up to 5 Instagram account and without logging, you can switch. With this feature, multiple people can log into an account at one time. For using this click add account, insert username and password for an account you want to add. And for switching between accounts, visit profile > tap username at screen top > select account for switching.


That’s all with Instagram professional account folks, stay updated to know more about Instagram and its significance in SMM marketing.
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