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By CTCDC.in | Monday, March 18, 2019

Nowadays every one is looking for options be it food, apparel, studies, career, business, ......................promotions. After more than a decade of dominating the market, Google may be on decline. Marketers are now searching other stones to keep their foot on and make them self stable than before in the market. Though Google has created its branding as search engine very well long back, and in lay mans language a search engine means GOOGLE!! But as per the current trend and competition, Instead of relying just on Google, Entrepreneurs are engaging in more direct forms of Interacting with their Target Market. Digital Marketing has emerged as a ineluctable part of any business. Be a part of this flow and learn how to grow If you are: - Working Professional - Job Seeker - Entrepreneurs - Student Join Our Demo Class on 27th Dec, 2015, visit us @ www.ctcdc.in

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