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By CTCDC.in | Thursday, January 07, 2016

Digital Revolution is the Third Industrial Revolution. It a weapon in the marketing world, if used significantly to target the set of specific audience, branding, engage customers, measures results. If you are planning to open a startup make sure that your are aware of the fact that people today are dependent on digital tools and techniques TV, radios, news papers has been replaced by smart phones, tabs, facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and You tube etc. Options are many but again if you want to avail all you will lack in all, so here are some tips you can consider while making your Digital Marketing Strategy for Social Media: #Target Audience Audience these days are easy to reach, but you have to give a considerable time in extracting the set of audience you want to focus out of the large sample set. Being a startup the temptation to reach all is normal, but this would be a big mistake for entrepreneurs while starting up. You have to set some question before targeting the audience What is your product What age group your are focusing Which location you want your establishment initially Choices available to reach your audience How your message would be designed so that audience can relate that What is your USP Should you be targeting B2B or B2C You have to decide all the above before taking the Digital Way #Digital Platform Websites, blogs, video and pod casts, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin - where do you fit in and how? You have to make a strategy to convert audience from these social media platforms to your websites, and if you are using the Social Media don’t be a spoiling spot , you have to be as much as active you can be through your posts and comments. Post Creative, interesting, unique information, which your target audience may want to see and explore. Access of every thing has their other sides as well, too much posting or posting on others walls may result “BLOCKED” by other people or ignorance by the audience. There is no Rocket Science behind #Digital_Marketing, A proper strategy will make you feel the difference

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