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Ads and Digital Marketing

By CTCDC.in | Monday, June 10, 2019

Digital Marketing


Nowadays we come across online shopping sites and Mobile Apps for each and every necessity, Food, Grocery, Clothes, Saloon, Beauticians, Footwear every other thing you think is available moreover there is a number of Mobile Apps which provide electrician, plumbers, and many more services @ doorstep.

Have you ever thought, how many such apps and sites are available and how many of them you are aware of ??

If we count on E-commerce websites, we can just count 4- 5 sites, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Snap Deal, Jabong, similarly if we think on Grocery or Food, here also we know very few sites and even we are least bother if any other exist, as the current sites or apps provide us with we need and fulfill our necessity .

Have you observed, when you search something on Flipkart or Amazon, suggestion and Ads starts popping up on our window, many of us wonder, what is this? this is what is Digital Marketing.

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Whenever you browse any shopping website on the internet your browsing details are captured by tracking cookies. This enables them to provide suggestions to you while you surf other websites such as Facebook, Google, etc.

Cookies allow online marketers and retailers to deliver a personable experience to their customers.

So when you browse for products on Amazon/flip kart, your browsing details get stored by such tracking cookies & the same is used to suggest similar products to you on Facebook and other websites you frequently visit, this how E-commerce sites capture your experience and publish, now when we show something continuously to user, things will on top of the mind and at the end of the day the product will get ordered and will, in turn, result in revenue.

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Digital Marketing is getting boom with growth in doorstep shopping trend, putting your business in the market in a number of creative ways and increasing the traffic on sites and resulting in growth in revenue and sales, this is what Digital marketing does.

There are number of ways, you can put Ads, as explained in above example, you can increase the traffic by working on SEO of site, you can increase your visibility on Social Networking sites, you can follow paid campaigns so, there are number of ways you can grow with , so why wait , come and learn Digital Marketing @ CTCDC – Premium Digital Marketing Institute.

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