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Achieving Featured Snippet Ranking Accompanied By Zero Link Building

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ranking & Visibility


Featured snippets has received both honor and blame from SEO critics. Small sites found it easy to get more traffic and rank on featured snippets, as on the other hand big corporations questioning about stealing of traffic by google with the featured snippets.
You may have used link building strategies or techniques for enhancing Ranking on SERPs, while running your link building campaign but this post is not about Backlinking. This post will help you rank page on Google’s featured snippets without link building ?”

Understand the VARIETY

Majorly there are three kinds that you can go for, these are-
  • If you are a blogger, you can go for Paragraph snippets or list snippets, although you can also target Table snippet.
  • Down below Ahrefs’ graph showing snippet type and their percentages.


Right keywords-Targeting

After finalizing your snippet, now you have to take a deep dive and start keyword research using your keyword research tools and collect keywords relevant to your blog and matching requirement of a snippet that you are going to use.
If your featured snippets is paragraph snippet, find those keywords which are foremost related to these types:
  • How to
  • Who/what/why


Or, if you want to rank for the numeric list then you can organize and place your content in a step by step guideway. As SEO experts say, when a searcher looks for a list and it is communicated by keywords to Google, then Google shows a numeric list on featured snippets.


In Table snippet case, you can have structured schema data on your website which compares the minimum two sets of data on the page. As long as schema and comparison are there you don’t need to have a column-based table which is properly formatted to be able to rank for table snippets.


Yout half job will be done in the process of ranking your website on featured snippets with zero link possession, only if you are targeting the right keywords and understood the type. Out-throwing existing featured snippets will not make you win the battle. Out-throwing will only work with keywords not having featured snippets ranking on Google.

Copying your competitor

Some may call it adopting, some may call it inspiring but in reality, you are copying structured of existing featured snippets article and developing it better( with content and if possible SEO link building)

What I am trying to say when I say:
Copying and developing it into a better form! For example, if you want to rank for the keyword “dry dog food on the market” and one that is ranking at this moment possess a list of 25, you need to build a list of 30, using the same format used by the one that is ranking.
Once the above part is done, make sure of proper schema on your website page. Frankly speaking, if you are not ranking in the top 10 for that keyword then the above method will not help you outrank the existing featured snippets.

Now how to find keywords for featured snippets?

Well, you know if you found the right keywords in terms of ranking on featured snippets, you are halfway in winning your battle. You can choose any keyword research tool as you like but make sure to remember the above steps while working for higher ranking on featured snippets.
Now, let's have an illustration, in case you use Semrush( keyword research tool)

  • Put on of your competitors on search by going on Semrush
  • Choose “include > search features > featured snippets by selecting positions in “organic research”.
  • What will be visible is a list of keywords that are ranking currently.
  • Now add more filter, select include > words count > greater than five. After this organize keywords based on volume and based on your target market.
  • Go for keywords that have a volume less than 500/month, as these keywords have low volume and moderate search and that will give you a good start.
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