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7 Top On-page SEO Activities that will Boost your Business

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

On Site SEO


As we all know that in the phase of competition everyone wants outcome with desired results. So the question raised is that what are the On-page activities that boost up our site’s rank within a few months in Google Search Engine. Today we will discuss on-page optimization, a non-technical person can also do these. This is a myth that for digital marketing you must be techy, any field marketer can also experience Digital marketing Training easily.

On-page Activities

1.Title tag


Title tag is something which defines the niche or category of your site to the crawlers of search engine. Crawlers can classified your site on the basis of title tag during indexing, and shows on SERP’s at the time of relevant searches. Users can also understand your site by title.

2.Description tag


Again, function of description tag is same as off title tag but it defines the summary of your webpages. Each webpage indexed according to their category.
NOTE : Title and description tags defined for each webpage in a site. Major one considered as off home page.

3. Meta keywords


As name defines “keywords, it refers to the categories of your products or services in the eye of crawlers. In latest updates Google defines that it cannot consider keyword tags, still crawlers crawls the tag if you added it and it helps.

4.URL Structure


URL structure must be search engine friendly so that it will easily read the URLs. When user searches for something at that moment it’s a game of seconds in which Google show results, so make it as simple as possible. Most prefered one is “www.yourdomain/yourpage/your-topic” It defines everything.

5.H1 to H6 tags


These tags considered as the heading tags, It’s easy for crawlers and users to understand the content with highlighted headings. And in ranking it helps too, as crawlers don’t need to read whole content, it understands with headings only.

Majorly prefer Title with H1 tag, Subheadings with H2 or H3 tag, Discussion tag with H4, rest depends on content formation and writer.

6. Content optimization and stuffing


Content optimization refers to the presentation of your content, try to make it user friendly and understandable so that user can stay and read it, otherwise in return you will get a bounce rate. Another factor is keyword density - Primary focused keywords must be range with 2-3% , according to Google’s guidelines. Content not be much stuffed, it will considered as a black hat SEO.

7.Internal and External Linking:


Last but most important is linking of your web pages whether internal or external. Putting connects to your other site pages, is an incredible method for improving your site and utilized appropriately, interior connections can be a helpful weapon in your SEO arms stockpile. In addition to the fact that it makes it a lot simpler for your guests to explore around your site and discover the majority of your substance, yet it likewise guarantees that your site gets legitimately crept enabling the web search tools to discover the majority of your pages. It likewise constructs the pertinence of a page to important watchwords and expressions, while additionally expanding the Google PageRank of your pages. These all activities come under SEO training.

Hope this will be helpful for you.

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