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7 ways Digital Marketing Will Help You Earn Money During Covid-19

By CTCDC.in | Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Digital Marketing


Are the quarantine days screwing you up? Or the fear of turning unemployed is hovering over your head?

Its time to get associated with the online industry which helps you earn money from home and you can make your ‘stay home’ more productive.

Digital industry is one such industry that is blooming extensively today as it has paved the way for millions to reach a global audience and generating higher revenue than ever.

Digital Marketing has become one of the highest paying jobs in India and in such a crucial time it is definitely on the forefront to help your earn money from home.

So let us discuss different ways of digital marketing that will help you earn money online.

Start blogging:

Beyond a passion for writing, blogging can immensely help you driving profit in your pockets. Pick a topic and start creating enticing content. If you have a flare of writing about different topics then it sounds really good. You can choose different platforms like Wordpress, Tumblr, Medium or Blogger.com for your blogs. The most common way to monetize your blog is through placing ads on the sites which include CPC and PPC ads. You will be paid for each time a reader clicks on the ad.

Earn through Google AdSense

Many times you have observed ads placed on some websites, it is the sole way of earning money through Google Adsense. If you own a website, you can post ads on your website with Google code. You will get a percentage on every click whenever any visitor clicks on that ad and rest will be taken by Google. The revenue will multiply on the basis of a total no of visitors to your website and your ranking position.

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Go for freelancing

This is the ideal way to earn money from home. A freelancer can take the project as per his/her skills and requirement. There are plenty of websites such as fiverr.com, freelancer.com, upwork.com that want to outsource people for several tasks. On the aforementioned sites, you can earn from $5 to $500 every day. You can find several jobs for SEO specialists, Lead managing, Mobile Marketing, Content Writing, web designing, etc. Freelancers can also find digital marketing jobs in several Facebook groups and on different job portals.

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Affiliate marketing

Probably Affiliate Marketing is the most effective source of passive income today. In affiliate marketing, you will earn money on a commission basis. In this process, you have to promote the products of affiliate networks and individual websites. Some of the popular affiliate networks are Clickbank, hotmart, Amazon Affiliate Program, and Shopify Affiliate Program. Each purchase will bring you a commission and higher the product cost the better the returns you will get. Also, Blogger’s who write gadget reviews can make more money using affiliate programs

Make money with YouTube

Nowadays Youngsters are crazy about videos of the latest cameras and mobiles. They straightly move to Youtube to know more. If you have any hidden talent or something to show to the public, it’s an opportunity for you to earn thousands of bucks. Start your channel and start making videos related to recipes, sports, education, gadgets, and so on and upload it on youtube. For monetization of your videos integrate it with your Adsense account. You will earn money on every thousand views. Later on, when you have a huge no of subscribers you can start selling membership as well.

Be an online Tutor

To add profit in your pocket teach students online through video calling software. If you have expertise in digital marketing concepts including SEO, SMO, SMM, Content Marketing, ORM, and others, start conducting online sessions. In the current situation, while everyone is locked inside their homes providing knowledge and skills at their doorstep can be fruitful enough. You can make money by working as a part-time trainer and creating your course on online video program websites.

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Income through Social Media Channels

Social media is the most efficient tool to reach the mass today. If you are running a group, you can charge quite a hefty sum for a sponsored post. Instagram influencers can charge up to Rs. 20000 a post if they have a huge follower database. Sell your products directly on Instagram through Instagram Posts and Stories - just tag products in your Instagram images and lead your Instagram audience to your product pages. Facebook Marketplace is another platform where you can buy and sell items locally. On YouTube, if you can create video content and your channel has many subscribers, then the ads used to show content can bring you quite a lot of money.

Hopefully, these above-mentioned tips will help you with earning money online. This is the best time you can fuel up your earnings while upgrading your skills at home.

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