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6 Proven Strategies for Effective Email Marketing

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, May 13, 2020

E-mail Marketing


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In today’s topic, we will talk about the proven strategies of Email Marketing that is essential to develop business in the fast-paced digital world as email offers conversational and interactive communication with the target audience.

It includes special email promotions, advertising, follows up sequences, daily deals email, and much more.

Email marketing is relatively easy and cheaper. When executed correctly it can fetch you a huge profit.

However, there are some basic strategies that you can use to reach more audiences, increase open rates, and get more success.

Create a specific subject:


To attain 100 % successful result in your effort of effective email marketing your subject should be on-topic, relevant, and full of value. The marketer should communicate with an aim, that influences them and propel them for action. Your subject line should clearly state what you are offering to them. But your offer should be captivating enough that it gives the recipient a reason to click over to your website. The website will do the job of selling your products and services.

Target right audience in the right way:

Not only in Email Marketing but in all domains of Digital Marketing targeting the right audience is the biggest factor to get more conversions. People are not going to rush to click your call to action only because you’re clear and specific in what you are offering. Your offer needs to have a connection with the email recipients. You can have the best offer, but it will have no impact on the wrong audience.

By clearly defining the audience and determining the approach You can instantly reach huge traffic through an email campaign.

Be social while communicating:

We always think our Email as offer, announcement or advertisement, it is not a bad thing to consider but proving it is not the best method to reach out to your customer .On the other hand, if you treat your social media posts like advertisements, you will instantly start losing your following. We can also think of email as another way to be social which will help you stay connected with family and friends. It’s important that you build a relationship first to earn the trust of the target customer.

Provide valuable content:

By using the proper subject line, content, and images you have to ensure that you are connecting the value given to the recipient. When someone opens an email, they always expect that you will prove your worth to them as you have approached them.

It is as obvious that when someone arrives on your website it means they have some kind of interest in your product or services for which they have clicked on your site.
If your content is not in the interest of readers, they will find a reason to delete your email.

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Be clear with your purpose:

Don’t directly approach for more or sell anything with your email. If Your email content consists of a call to action in the range of “subscribe now for $10 a month”, it isn’t likely that you will get much attention. Instead, connect with them and talk to them as a real person, then catching their attention won’t be difficult. Don’ roam around and be clear about the fact that you are selling something.

People tend to be more open to directness. If they think that you are trying to be timid about sales, the might press the delete button.

Ask them for feedback:


When it comes to emails, many times we have noticed the emails that start with “noreply@”.. This is absolutely the biggest drawback from a business standpoint. Depending on the email, ask your subscribers for direct feedback or reply to any specific questions. And when the reader does so, it helps marketers drive higher engagement throughout the campaign and thus increasing sales.

Email marketing is the most critical part of any digital marketing strategy. Besides everything data-driven email marketing when compared to other digital marketing channels has the highest ROI. Hopefully, In order to implement the marketing strategies successfully the above-discussed steps will surely gonna help you.

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